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5 Things You Must Consider to Produce an Ethical Brand

Taking your new clothing brand into production can be a bit overwhelming under any circumstances. There are a lot of factors and tons of seemingly small but extremely significant decisions that ultimately add up to the quality, feel, aesthetic, and impact your final product has. Nothing that any of us do, especially on a production […]


School Night

Here’s a line for kids we’re proud to have been a part of. In our last article, 10 Things to Remember When Starting a Clothing Line, we outlined some of the considerations you should have when you want to begin producing your own designs. This mom, dad, daughter team hit these points and could have […]


10 Things to Remember When Starting a Clothing Line

1. What’s your story? When you’re making a “for sale” shirt, understand that you’re getting into a saturated marketplace. Your shirt needs to stand out. Sure, your design is compelling, your shirt top quality, and the printing is perfect, but what really is going to set it apart from all the other stuff out there? Why […]


Screen Printing a Clock

This was another fun project. A while ago we were asked to help in the refurbishing of an analog 24 hour electric clock of WWII vintage. The clock was originally made by Elm Manufacturing Co. in Hastings-On-Hudson, New York some time in the 1940s. The face was stained and damaged from exposure to moisture and had […]


Why Soft Matters to Your Brand

When you’re designing a product, king before all else is the experience of the end user of that product. This is easy to lose sight of when you necessarily need to consider other factors like price or availability. Design trends can also be a distraction from user experience. Focus on the fundamentals of your product […]


Screen Printing on Leather

Here are some boxes we did with Henry+Co for Lamborghini. Henry+Co were great to work with. They have a high standard for their work in the offset and letterpress industry and it’s always an honor to get to co-op on a project with them. Lamborghini will be using these leather boxes to promote their REV project.    

David Moscati Brazil

David Moscati Brazil

More great poster work for the consistently impressive David Moscoti. Brazil is Terry Gilliam’s 1985 view of the future of society and our struggle to retain our humanity in it. If you’ve seen it, you know isn’t an easy movie to capture the feeling of in a single image. This poster was done for Spoke Art to […]

PA Co Atlanta Perspective

Preston Attebery

New screen printed print/poster we did for Preston Attebery entitled “Atlanta Perspective.” Check out more of his work at

Very Very Soft PrintsWe specialize in extremely soft prints.
A good print is breathable, bright and will last as long as the T-shirt.

Client Logos

Water Based InkThis soft, beautiful and eco-friendly ink sinks into the fabric and becomes part of the T-shirt.
This should be your first choice for a vintage or tonal look on dark T-shirt.

Poster Screen Printing Atlanta

Discharge InkThis remarkable liquid removes any existing dye from the fabric of a shirt in a similar fashion to bleach.
What’s left is the base cotton color which can then have color applied to it.

Tommy Bronx Gravity

Tommy Bronx

We recently ran a few 24″ x 36″ screen prints for Tommy Bronx. The colors really pop on this in a way that’s hard to capture on screen. It’s a great example of how vibrant and full of life screen printing ink can be when combined with tight illustration work. Check out his “Nova” poster […]

Michael Mauldin

Michael Mauldin Process

An artist’s process is something we don’t usually get a chance to see. It’s often a deeply personal experience that’s done when they feel inspired and often, not when there’s a camera around. We brought Mike into the shop, when we did had a camera around, and asked him to talk about the steps in creating his […]

Aluminium briefcase

Screen Printing on Aluminum

We recently finished a project screen printing on a metal briefcase for The Macallan. This was an exciting project that we had fun with.

Danger Pins


New pins. More to come. Available in the store.

Live Danger

Live at FLOR

Blue Steel. All geared up for live printing for Interface Americas at FLOR. If you missed it, here’s what goes on:

Hand Painted Bumps

Adult Swim Bump

We recently did some work with Adult Swim producing one of their Sunday night commercial bumpers. Hand lettering by J.Gilman.

José teaching


We get the opportunity to teach in the shop once in a while. Screen printing isn’t just an industrial process to produce posters and T-shirts. It’s also a craft. #artsandcrafts

Ed silhouette

Shop Tour

See what the inside of a screen printing shop looks like courtesy I Spy Atlanta.


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