Introduction to Ink

When choosing an ink,
look and feel are the two factors you should be considering.
Representing your design well on fabric is all about ink choice.

If softness and durability are most important, you should use Water Based or Discharge ink.

If hitting a Pantone™ exactly is critical or you want to feel the print, Plastisol is the way to go.

Water Based Ink

A very soft and durable option for any type of fabric. It works well on light-colored shirts for a high-contrast look or on dark shirts for a subtle or vintage appearance.

Water Based ink sinks into the fibers, leaving the space between them, in the fabric’s weave, undisturbed.

The result is a very breathable print that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Discharge Ink

An incredibly soft and enduring ink used on 100% cotton shirts. This ink creates a print that becomes part of the fabric itself, making it feel indistinguishable from the rest of the shirt.

Like Water Base, Discharge ink also has high breathability, making it very comfortable to wear in warm environments.

Plastisol Ink

The classic T-shirt fabric ink.
Most of the T-shirts you own were probably printed with Plastisol. 

This is a plastic-based ink that’s designed to completely cover fibers. For this reason it’s the best choice for color accuracy.

If you want an athletic-feeling print, plastisol can be stacked up in layers for increased thickness.

Metallic Ink

This is a Plastisol ink that shines. This ink contains reflective powders and pigments that give it the look of metal.