Marketing Books

Tell Stories: 3 Books for Creative Clothing Marketing

It Atlanta and other markets, quality creative marketing can hold the key to t-shirts moving off of those dusty backroom shelves and into multiple households. At the end of the day, everything we make is meant to tell stories. Whether explicitly or implicitly, we look to connect to the communities we wish to cultivate through our […]

Colophon Bottle

The Colophon

If you’ve done screen printing work with us, chances are you’ve seen this mark somewhere. It’s our version of an old printer’s mark from the Renaissance, then called a Colophon. Colophons were often composite marks made from the alchemical symbols printers used to produce the metal type they put in their presses, personal heraldry, or imagery from […]

Inked Screen_Skills USA_Square

Screen printing, Students, and Sandwiches: Shop Tales 101

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. “ Sage advice Whitney. Especially in these days and times. On Friday, we got the chance to do just that, let the next generation of creatives effect the future. With Skills USA, an organization that outfits high school students […]


5 Simple Methods to Promote Your Brand from God Is Dope

God Is Dope’s Sharod Simpson discusses how promoting a brand is about more than t-shirts. Atlanta is a very fickle place. There, I said it. But if you’ve lived here longer than 2 years, you would know this statement hovers right above the truth. In a land where everyone is a producer, executive, entrepreneur, poet, rapper, or creative, […]

Tommy Bronx Better Together

Tommy Bronx Better Together

This poster by Atlanta artist Tommy Bronx shows how well screen printing complements the simplicity of a good illustration. Get it here Check out more of his work here

NBD shirts

Williams Street Swap Shop

Matt and Zach visit the Danger Press shop in Atlanta with their tips up while we screen print some nbd shirts. #itsadeal #tipsup #nbdshirts #t-shirts #adultswim #atlanta


Sanithna Phansavanh Moksha

Here’s a recent screen printed poster we did for Sanithna Phansavanh, an illustrator who works and lives in Atlanta. His figurative work examines the human condition and ranges from small, intimate drawings to large-scale, public murals. “I try to experiment as much as possible with materials. It helps me to stretch my artistic skill set, but what I […]

Josh LaFayette pizza box

Josh LaFayette

Josh LaFayette came up with a clever way to self-promote his work. Yes we screen printed them but, if you get one and are expecting pizza, don’t take it out on us. You can leave him your thoughts @joshlafayette. What’s great about this is almost everybody likes pizza and associating yourself with good feelings, in […]

Arrogance Engine

The 2 Elements of Successful Self-Promotion

Talking about your work in a public space is a necessary part of being a successful artist. Depending on your personality, this may be uncomfortable for you or you may enjoy it. If you don’t talk about your work enough, you will fail to reach an audience of potential supporters, fans, and customers. Self-promote too […]

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 1.35.14 PM

5 Things You Must Consider to Produce an Ethical Brand

Taking your new clothing brand into production can be a bit overwhelming under any circumstances. There are a lot of factors and tons of seemingly small but extremely significant decisions that ultimately add up to the quality, feel, aesthetic, and impact your final product has. Nothing that any of us do, especially on a production […]


School Night

Here’s a line of screen printed shirts for kids we’re proud to have been a part of. In our last article, 10 Things to Remember When Starting a Clothing Line, we outlined some of the considerations you should have when you want to begin producing your own designs. This mom, dad, daughter team hit these […]


10 Things to Remember When Starting a Clothing Line

1. What’s your story? When you’re making a “for sale” t-shirt, understand that you’re getting into a saturated marketplace. Your t-shirt needs to stand out. Sure, your design is compelling, your shirt top quality, and the printing is perfect, but what really is going to set it apart from all the other stuff out there? Why […]


Screen Printing a Clock

This was another fun project. A while ago we were asked to help in the refurbishing of an analog 24 hour electric clock of WWII vintage. The clock was originally made by Elm Manufacturing Co. in Hastings-On-Hudson, New York some time in the 1940s. The face was stained and damaged from exposure to moisture and had […]


Why Soft Matters to Your Brand

When you’re designing a product, in screen printing or otherwise, king before all else is the experience of the end user of that product. This is easy to lose sight of when you necessarily need to consider other factors like price or availability. Design trends can also be a distraction from user experience. Focus on […]


Screen Printing on Leather

Here are some boxes we did with Henry+Co for Lamborghini. Henry+Co were great to work with. They have a high standard for their work in the offset and letterpress industry and it’s always an honor to get to co-op on a project with them. Lamborghini will be using these leather boxes to promote their REV project.    

David Moscati Brazil

David Moscati Brazil

More great poster work for the consistently impressive David Moscoti. Brazil is Terry Gilliam’s 1985 view of the future of society and our struggle to retain our humanity in it. If you’ve seen it, you know isn’t an easy movie to capture the feeling of in a single image. This poster was done for Spoke Art to […]

PA Co Atlanta Perspective

Preston Attebery

New screen printed print/poster we did for Preston Attebery entitled “Atlanta Perspective.” Check out more of his work at

Tommy Bronx Gravity

Tommy Bronx

We recently ran a few 24″ x 36″ screen prints for Tommy Bronx. The colors really pop on this in a way that’s hard to capture on screen. It’s a great example of how vibrant and full of life screen printing ink can be when combined with tight illustration work. Check out his “Nova” poster […]

Michael Mauldin

Michael Mauldin Process

An artist’s process is something we don’t usually get a chance to see. It’s often a deeply personal experience that’s done when they feel inspired and often, not when there’s a camera around. We brought Mike into the shop, when we did had a camera around, and asked him to talk about the steps in creating his […]

Aluminium briefcase

Screen Printing on Aluminum

We recently finished a project screen printing on a metal briefcase for The Macallan. This was an exciting project that we had fun with.

Danger Pins


New pins. More to come. Available in the store.

Live Danger

Live at FLOR

Blue Steel. All geared up for live printing for Interface Americas at FLOR. If you missed it, here’s what goes on:

Hand Painted Bumps

Adult Swim Bump

We recently did some work with Adult Swim producing one of their Sunday night commercial bumpers. Hand lettering by J.Gilman.

José teaching


We get the opportunity to teach in the shop once in a while. Screen printing isn’t just an industrial process to produce posters and T-shirts. It’s also a craft. #artsandcrafts

Ed silhouette

Shop Tour

See what the inside of a screen printing shop looks like courtesy I Spy Atlanta.

Ed Jewell

Ed Jewell Teaches Us About Ink

This is a short video series answering some of the most common questions we get about screen printing inks used on textiles or T-shirts. We cover Plastisol, Waterbase, Discharge and Metallic ink.



We’re proud to offer the latest screen printed poster from Godmachine. Limited to 150 prints world wide. 100 will be sold in the US, 50 in the UK.

Dance With Death

Dance With Death

You know the story. Every kid that grew up in the late 70s / early 80s got to see Rudyard Kipling’s little drama come to life as a cartoon. Don’t pretend you read the book first. Michael Mauldin has captured the kinetic climax of the short story with a style and grace we think Kipling […]



Summers should be full of delicious things in your mouth. We’re at the end of Summer mango season here in North America, so we did a small run of prints to celebrate it’s coming to a close. J has been working on this one for months, apparently holed up in his studio with the skins of […]

Live Danger Ligature

Live Danger

Every year we take our shop on the road to various locations across the country. Here’s a short video explaining how that works and how you can hire us to do it at your next event. It’s basically a T-shirt party and it’s a lot of fun.

Black Cat

Richard Wilkinson

This screen print has been a couple of years in the making and we’re proud to release it in our store. Quantum Zoo by Richard Wilkinson Richard is an editorial illustrator for New Scientist, Telegraph, Intelligent Life and other magazines. His work is clever storytelling of often complex subjects. Concept illustration at its best.

Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace Couyoumjian

We’re excited to offer three lovely screen prints by Sarah Grace Couyoumjian. Enjoy.

Young & United

Young & United

Young & United are making patriotic screen printed posters, T-shirts and apparel that are well designed. It’s an unusual combination and I’ll admit to being dubious when I heard the concept. “American” and “Well designed” aren’t heard in the same sentence very often and we’re proud to be working with a company that’s working to […]


David Moscati

We know your favorite show starts next week. You’re not the only one thats excited. Greenseer screen printed poster by David Moscati

New Store

Our new store is now up at We’ve set it up so you can browse our entire collection in five seconds or less because, after extensive demographing, it turns out our primary audience has the attention span of a Millennial on methamphetamines. So stop by and have a look around. Don’t worry, it won’t take […]

The Krampus

Grüß vom Krampus

Are your kids spoiled? That’s a rhetorical question, of course; we know they are. While everybody appreciates you helping to get the economy back on track by raining down gifts on them in celebration of the Winter Solstice this year, you’re only making things worse for yourself. Along with things like pre-school graduations, a lack […]

Lettering Strokes

Lettering Strokes

Print your letters. Here’s how you do it. Lettering Strokes by J.Gilman I first learned the proper ways of printing letters when I took a drafting class in college. Before they’d let you anywhere near CAD, you had to get down with pencils, compasses, and T-squares. My professor was great. He was one of those awesome, old man […]

The Way of Men

Jack Donovan

We recently ran across an impressive book about what masculinity means in the 21st century called The Way of Men by Jack Donovan. We liked it enough that we contacted the author, who also turned out to be an illustrator, and produced a print for it. The Way of Men The Way of Men The Way […]

Quality Speed Price

Please Pick Two

Many of you will hopefully recognize this as it’s an old idea. However, we feel it bears repeating. In the design world, it’s fairly common knowledge that quality comes at a price. That said, the trend of crowd sourcing work aka “design contests” is at an all-time high and clients seem more eager than ever to […]

Michael Mauldin

Michael Mauldin

You guys are probably familiar with Mike’s work by now. Go through our store and you’ll see several pieces by him. He’s been a long time collaborator with Danger and we’ve got a new 3 print series to show you. We think they’re some of his best work so far– Studies & Lessons. See more of […]


Gary Fernández

We’re psyched about some prints we just finished for Gary Fernández. If you’re a fan of peacocks, squirrels or other mammals, you should check out his work: Gary Fernández Gary Fernández Gary Fernández

Ed & J

Turning Ink Interview

If I swore on my mother’s eyes that this photo wasn’t posed, I don’t think you’d believe me. Anyway, here’s the interview we did with local clothing manufacturer Alternative Apparel.

What Matters Most

What Matters Most

What matters most in life? Charles Bukowski would probably say it’s not trying. His grave stone reads “Don’t try”. From years of hard living he learned to spot genuineness in people and knew that some of the most offensive among us are the try-hards. “Just be yourself.” Well, the problem with that is, most of […]



We’re officially calling for a moratorium on saltire logos. It’s gotten nearly as bad as the skull and crossbones design fad of double aught six. Seems designers can’t resist the X mark, and who can blame them? Half the work is already done for you. Just throw in four icons or letters and you’re done. […]

Fox and Hare

Fox & Hare

These are printed on half inch thick aspen panels. Each piece is two feet wide by four feet tall. They may be natural enemies but we like them together. Only sold as a pair. Illustration by Michael Mauldin.

The Little Death

Sanithna Phansavanh

New print. Limited edition of 45.  Enjoy. See more of his work here Sanithna Phansavanh Sanithna Phansavanh Sanithna Phansavanh


Straight lines

My first martial arts instructor was fond of the phrase “Practice makes permanent.” He was right, of course. People in general are terrible, often because of their bad habits. Good habits are one of the best ways to improve yourself to the point where others can stand to be around you for more than a […]

Danger Sign

Screen Printing Atlanta

Every once in a while we get emails along these lines: “Hey, Danger, I like your stuff a lot and was wondering if you print for other people.” Indeed we do. Here’s a short list of what we can make/screen print on: shirts, posters, stickers, hats, bags, fabric, paper, glass, wood, metal, pretty much anything […]

Danger Bat Silent Action detail

The Fire Cracker Jack Is Back

We’ve restocked these in Heather Gray and added a new Heather Green as well. Our most popular shirt for some reason. It’s the red isn’t it. You guys like that red don’t you. Yeah you do.

Go South Southern Printmakers

Go South

We printed a couple of things in this show at Young Blood. Should be worth your while.

Red Ink containers

Your Brain Is A Red Liar

Our brains are hard wired to respond to red. Evolutionary psychologists explain this by pointing out that in the time before writing, when our brains were developing, if you saw red, something was happening that was worth your attention. You could be leaking red blood, something might be trying to eat you with its red […]

Durer Rhino


If someone described a creature to you that you’d never seen before, that lived on another continent you had never been to, do you think you could draw it from just their words? Albrecht Dürer could. Well, sort of. He got it mostly right.

Buffalo head


New print from Matt Leunig.

Atlanta Flat Iron Building

Broad & Peachtree

Remember when Atlanta had no trees? Sure you do. You took the Walker Street trolley from Snake Nation down to Broad & Peachtree to work in the cotton warehouse. Then rode it to meet your girl at the Pig N’ Whistle on Ponce for a hotdog. Segue into poster details goes here. We printed these […]

Tyson Mcadoo Venom

Tyson Mcadoo

We’ve got a few prints left of Tyson Mcadoo’s Venom. No hot girls were harmed in the making of this print.

Matt Leunig

Matt Leunig

We recently finished this print by Mr. Leunig for Ween at the 40 Watt. If you missed the show you can get it on his site.

This End Up

Live Prints

We’re packing up to go on the road again. Come see us live on Adult Swim’s Rag Bag of Jollification tour stops from 6pm-11pm. If you can guess how much these press cases weigh, we’ll give you a free shirt. ______________________________ Baton Rouge, LA – Wednesday, March 30 Fred’s Bar Parking Lot, 1184 Bob Pettit […]

Analogue Engine jacket

Warm Analogue

We know it’s been colder than you thought it would be this year. Lucky for you we’ve got a few Analogue Engine jackets left.

Atlanta Ligature


ATLANTA Ligature shirt from twentyfive. You can see the design process on their site

Erik Jones girl shapes

Erik Jones

Shapes by Brooklyn based illustrator, Erik Jones. Edition of 110.

Scout Mob shirt


Scoutmob, with Alternative Apparel and Octane, asked us to bring you their new shirt. Printed by us, just for you. By the time you read this, it’s likely they will have sold out; it’s  only $3, but you can still try to get one. If you do get an order in, you can pick them […]

Inigo Montoya


Putting the word “final” in a file name of your artwork is the surest way I can think of to get something in it changed. Yet every week I see files come to my inbox named “final” as if the person making them was dictator and lord of all graphic design. Firm in the belief […]

Four Horsemen of the apocalypse

Mark Riddick

Not since Albrecht Drüer has this scene been rendered with the kind of force and style only a black and white print can bring. Mark Riddick gives us his first equestrian-based nightmare and we’re proud to have it in the shop.



My coworkers and I are a green bunch. I walk to work most days and my coworkers take MARTA because it’s smarta. The other day, my coworkers, in separate incidents, were scolded by a MARTA official for walking on the escalators. “If you want to walk, take the stairs,” the MARTA official barked at them. […]

Ian McArthur


New print by Swindon artist Iain Macarthur. We’ve all felt this way at one time or another. For me it’s how I remember feeling just about every day in high school. I wonder if kids in England hear the same “It’s going on your permanent record” line we get here to keep our youthful anger […]

Ceci n'est pas une pipe


Clothing line inspired by Magritte, Treachery of Images, 1929. I was in 7th grade English class, first day, when the professor held up this picture. He asked the class what it was.  Everyone answered “a pipe.”  He would reply flatly “No” to student after student.  When he asked me, I said, “It’s a picture of […]



A couple of weeks ago I found a decent sculpture in Castleberry Hill. No, I’m not joking, look at that thing. “Looking into the past” by Roberto Santo It’s on exhibit in the Besharat gallery parking lot. Tucked back in the corner of Mangum square. Just look for the lion with the long tongue.

What kind of artist are you

Caldwell Tanner

We know many of you artists out there just want to find yourselves. In an effort to help, we’ve printed this two color poster by Caldwell Tanner for you. It’s a searingly accurate portrayal of artists with a handy flow chart so you can tell where exactly you fit in. Now you can stop wondering […]

Tuf-Nut clothing tag

Charlie’s Trading Post

Next time you go to the state Pen, stop by Charlie’s Trading Post across the street. They have $5 work shirts, boots, old jeans like your mom bought for you when you were 6, and fishing tackle your grandfather would be excited about. I was looking over their selection of Jordaches and lures when one […]

American Authors prints set

American Authors

We’ve just finished our American Authors trilogy prints. If you’re new to America or you dropped out of school in the 4th grade, the one-color prints pictured here from left to right are Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, and Emily Dickinson. Available individually or as a set. Edition of 80 each. Illustrations by Dust.

Adult Swim clown head

On Tour

We’re going out again with Adult Swim on their block party. April 07 – Athens, GA University of Georgia April 11 – Austin, TX University of Texas April 14 – Tempe, AZ Arizona State April 17 – Norman, OK Oklahoma State April 19 – Lawrence, KS University of Kansas April 21 – Champaign, IL University […]

Sarah Graph

New(d) Print

We wanted to let everybody know about a new service we’re offering this Spring. Nude (mostly) interns printing your posters. Ask Ed about pricing and available internships. All participants get this print free. Limited edition of 20. Illustration by Dust.


Hybrid-living people

Green living is beyond trendy at this point and is pretty much on its way to becoming a lifestyle choice. And soon you’ll be able to buy lots more stuff to prove you’re living that lifestyle. There isn’t a single human on the planet that doesn’t like the Earth. I mean, what are your other […]

Inkjet printer

It’s An Inkjet Print

The word “Giclée”, pronounced Zhee-Clay, is derived from the French word “le gicleur” meaning “Nozzle” because that’s what you are if you buy or sell one as art. Some dude invented the word in 1991 so he could charge more for his digital inkjet prints. They were originally used as press proofs for real printing. […]


Event Eating

In the 21st century, I shouldn’t have to deal with bones in my food. Nowhere is this more unacceptable than at a restaurant. Let me get this straight: I’m paying for food, you cooked it for me, our civilization has been around for millenia, and you can’t be bothered to remove the bones? If you’re […]

Move on over or we'll move on over you

Lola Moves On Over

If you dig on white shirts, these guys probably have your number. If they don’t, then maybe it’s time to get a new one. Click the kitty to hear the song  >>

Sparta on Marta

This Is Not Sparta

Putting fetishes aside for a moment, human feet are pretty disgusting. I won’t really go into details about why, since you should be able to discern this for yourself, but let’s just say that hair, lint, dead skin, and the grime of the world are involved. And yet many of you seem to think you […]

Best crack baggie

Hyperbole For You & Me

Hyperbole is literally the biggest problem in modern communication, and it’s destroying our culture. Take, for example, book reviews on Amazon. Some of them are useful, accurate accounts of someone’s experience with a text. But many of them are wildly divergent from reality along the lines of “This book actually really changed my life” or […]


The World Is Not Your Trash Can

Now before you get started, let me say that we all realize you need to keep the interior of your Kia Sephia pristine. Granted, the exterior, which I presume used to be white, looks like the skies over Beijing in August. But you still can’t allow those empty juice boxes to sully your ride even […]


Thanks China

This is why I can’t hate on China. No matter how much their government spits on basic human rights, while keeping most of their population below the poverty line, forcing them to eat anything with 4 legs besides the dining room table, and executing an even higher proportion of them annually than Texas, the fact […]

Ro the cat

Gorilla Typography

I ran across this dude that takes down handwritten notes/flyers from public areas like bulletin boards or lamp posts and replaces them with his Photoshop interpretation of a better designed piece of work. Sadly, the posters he comes up with are not only harder to read than the original handwritten signs, but also less […]

Party at the shop

Good Times People

Thanks to everyone that stopped by; we enjoyed giving you free beer, soda, and snacks. If you missed the show, you can see some flicks here. If you want to find out about future events you can join our mailing list. We’ll have most of the pieces for sale online soon. That way you can […]

Saint George

First Print Show

We’ll be having a show of all our in-house & some customer work Saturday May 09. The show will feature prints on fabric, paper, metal, and wood. If we really like you, you’ll get a fancy printed invitation in your mail box. Feel free to bring well-behaved friends or that girl you’ve been trying to […]

Danger business cards with a rat

One Card Draw

Our new cards are done. We know you like it thick but still need to impress your friends with how small your carbon footprint is, so we made them out of 90 point recycled chipboard.  They’re 1/10 of an inch thick. That’s half a pica if you’re a letterpress printer or somebody’s grandfather. For the […]

Obama painting white shadows

Shadows Are Not White

Unless you are talking about the English back-up band for Cliff Richard, shadows are black. The British aren’t always a good example to follow anyway; ever heard them pronounce advertisement, schedule, or aluminum? This mistake with artwork is something we see a lot in the screenprinting industry, and now in my neighborhood apparently. Usually it […]

Octopus T-shirt

Happy Hollandaise

The first time I ever had fresh octopus was in Miyama, Japan. I was visiting my sister, who was teaching a 1st & 2nd grade class. The class was their equivalent of home economics where you learn how to cook. That’s right, 1st and 2nd graders learning how to cook. They not only cooked, but […]

Marmot drawing

Your Name is Boring

A few people seem to be worried about America being outperformed by other world powers in the coming years. These fears seem to be somewhat founded, as one of the first warning signs is already showing up: better names. Chances are that unless you’re an international scientist, you have a boring name and will in […]

Chinese Dragon Shirt

Sick & Tired

Given the popularity of all-over print clothing (still?), I predict the next big thing will be chef pants. Mad chili peppers and broccolis all over your ass like someone went off on you with a salad shooter. But don’t listen to me–if you want the real inside word, make friends with a gay dude; they’re […]

Lord Humongous - Warrior of the Wasteland

Leathers & Feathers

Two years ago, when gas got over $3 a gallon, everyone decided the environment was a legit problem and being a green consumer (or at least pretending you cared via conspicuous consumption) became trendy. If something we want is too expensive, we can fix it by buying something else, right? Now that there’s a shortage […]

Careless Driving Reaps a bloody harvest

Road Sage

We all know it’s harvest season. Otherwise you’d be in class right now pretending to take notes on your MacBook while actually updating your Facebook. You think you have the teacher fooled but she knows exactly what you’re doing and doesn’t care. Just like some of you don’t seem to care if anybody knows when […]

Female Illustration

We Like You

So, we’re calling for a moratorium on wearing shirts with your favorite person on it. Unless it’s your Grandmother/father who you should want to be exactly like, even if they use racially inappropriate language for the 21st century. They lived through the Depression, probably helped raise you in ways you don’t even know about, and […]

Ed J Richard Stillsuits


We’ve had some free time at the shop waiting on UPS to deliver some packages, which has given us more time to explore the desert. Sadly, on our last tour we lost Richard. This photo was taken right before he was grabbed by what I think was a pterodactyl. If you see anything that looks […]

Sign installation

Sign Go Up

A very special Saturday here at Danger. Jess becomes a man and just in time for the Spring Equinox.

Danger Sign

In the Cut

We have made a successful landing in the west end. The new joint has lots of space, friendly neighbors (Charlie Smith, Atlanta Printmakers Studio, Graphic Traffic) and a low murder rate. We’ll be pulling 4ft x 8ft prints soon. If you are in the West End Warehouses look for our pretty metal sign, if J […]

Nude facing death

The Move

Ever notice how hung up people get on their job title? For instance they’ll get their panties in a tight wad over whether or not they’re a “Creative Director” or an “Art Director”. What’s the difference? I don’t know. Who cares, just do your job. When you get down to it, everybody is just a […]


New Blood

We’d like to announce our new PR rep, Kali Ma. Formerly a resident of Kolkata, India she brings a new perspective to our work and we’re excited to have her on board here at Danger. “I wanted to work somewhere that appreciated me for who I am, not what I am to society. That’s a […]

Bat shirt Silent Action

Fire Cracker Jack

New shirts on the way. Look for more animals on upcoming designs because we like animals. They are delicious and fun to pet.


Birds and Bees

Spring time makes me want to reproduce. Well, maybe not actually reproduce but at least think about it. Really just taking walks and seeing people outside again before the sauna god created here hits in the summer is nice. It is also time for t-shirts, which is great because we need your money. Just click […]

Kid with ball

Hi Ho Silver

I think people get to the point with clothing choices where they don’t know what to do anymore, forget they’re legally adults, hit some reset button in their brain and start wearing stuff 3 year olds think is cool. For instance, all-over print primary colors and gold chains. If you’d been caught wearing your grandmother’s […]


Form vs. Function

The only way you can get away from talking to a million different douche bags these days is to become so rough looking that they don’t want to talk to you. So, as they put on their all over print hoodie, I will put on my olive drab army parka. They match their socks to […]

Iron rat

Double Aught Seven

Happy new year. We’ll be printing faster and better this year, so don’t be shy with the orders. We’d also like to mourn the passing of Reginald the rat. Reg was one of our first mascots, and he served us well. He was an accident but never let that hold him back in life. You […]


Two Eighty

MoDA (Museum of Design Atlanta) is doing an exhibit of T-shirts. Guess who will have some pieces in the show. Opening night is Thursday, October 19th 6-9pm. And don’t even think of staying after 9 because they will call the cops on you for sure. Show runs through January 13. You’ll see lots of work […]


Work and Turn

People know hyperbole (pronounced hi-Per-bow-lee), “Hype” for short, when they hear it. Marketing and promoting your work is great but there’s a line you don’t want to cross. Ever wonder if marketing people read the stuff they come up with? If a clothing line is new and nobody has heard of it, they’re referred to […]

New York City

Have in Trade

Come see our work at Pool in NYC July 17-19, booth B32. Lines showing are Black Black, Twentyfive Organization & Not Not Retarded. We love those guys really, but three days of standing around with them on a concrete floor in a room full of “fresh talent with established brands” will be a bit much. […]

enough with he skull and cross bones graphics already

Enough Shirts

Because what the world needs is one more shirt with a declarative statement on it, we bring you this guy. Potentially our most unpopular shirt to date.

Atlanta Peachtree St Forsyth St North Pryer street


Time to tear down walls and make new friends. Your old ones were starting to get on your last nerve anyway. Always making up verbs out of stupid web nomenclature like “blogging” and sporting your personal fashion ideas without asking permission. So, in the spirit of making new friends we’re looking for interns. If you’re […]

Danger boxes

Free Stickers

Yeah, that’s right. We’re giving away free stickers with every order. They’re just Danger Press stickers, of course, not something cool that you’d design, like a deer silhouette with paint drips or a half-naked girl with sailor jerry tattoos. Actually, to be honest, we’re biting one of our dealer buddy’s moves by giving away free […]

Urban Medium Ammo Cans

Nice Cans (Screen Printing on Steel)

We’ve just finished printing ammo cans and shirts for the new Urban Medium project: Heavy Ammunition. See our beautiful work live at Yo-Yo boutique in Atlanta, Saturday Nov. 19 or order yours from the Heavy Ammunition site.

Atlanta sunrise

Get Clowned

You can smell fall coming in the streets. The late evening sunlight has begun to turn from white to orange. Something else you can smell in the streets: fashion. All summer the downtown kids were rocking either 4XL white T-shirts or knee length white dresses. If you know which it is please share the knowledge. […]

Ed Jewell Danger Hat

The Smoke

We’re back from holiday and ready to get down. However, it now looks like we are booked through the end of June. Give us a call around Independence Day when we come up for air and light our newly legalized sparklers.

Danger die

The Dirt

Doing a little spring cleaning at the old shop. Look for the first pieces in our shirt line soon.



Our shiny new shirt calculator is up in the quote section with fresh batteries.

Black Black Pool Trade Show


If you’re gonna be at the Pool show in Vegas Feb. 14 – 16 (and who won’t be) check out our work for Black Black at booth H 45.

Danger blackletter

Bring the Danger

The doors are open and the lights are on.