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Screen printing, Students, and Sandwiches: Shop Tales 101

Skills-USA & Danger Bring Hard-working Students to visit our Atlanta Print Shop

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“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. “

Sage advice Whitney.

Especially in these days and times. On Friday, we got the chance to do just that, let the next generation of creatives effect the future. With Skills USA, an organization that outfits high school students with abilities that go far beyond the classroom, we gave up the keys to our treasured shop and let a lucky group of students run wild!

Each student tested their skills throughout our shop on various equipment challenges. We gave them full reign over our washout booth, manual press and even our trusted automatic press! (I haven’t even touched that baby yet and I’ve been here for a year or so…) Our generous, and sometimes photogenic staff, donated their Fridays to encouraging the students at every step of the way. Grand “Thank yous” need to be doled out to Tony (pictured above), Jason, Nick, Will, and Jordan (pictured way below) for their efforts.

Also, let’s not forget Mr. Ed Jewell, who beyond opening up his “baby” up to the next generation of creatives, gave valuable “jewels” in an intimate Q&A session before the big yellow bus arrived.

Remember young artists, Life only comes once so, Live Dangerously.

Amirite, Jordan?