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We're creating a video library for artists & designers to learn anything they want to know about creating custom shirts, what a screen printer does, and digital garment decoration.

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  • Artworker 04 | Whitney Adkins
    Artworker 04 | Whitney Adkins
    January 21, 2023
    Whitney Adkins shares insight with Ian Short about her graphic design and communications career. She imparts the wisdom she’s gained over nearly ten years of experience, ranging from a multifaceted position in a quick turnaround t-shirt franchise to her current role as Creative Director for Eagle’s Nest Church.
  • Fam Flax - 50 Years in Atlanta
    Sam Flax | 50th Anniversary
    January 6, 2023
    To celebrate 50 years in business, two screen printed tote bags were commissioned by Sam Flax with designs by The Lotus Eaters Club art collective. We were honored to be chosen as the printer. Every year, thousands of creators, designers, and artists intersect at this one location to find the very thing they need to manifest an idea. Enjoy the eye candy each nook presents.
  • Artworker 03 | Andy Macdougall
    Artworker 03 | Andy MacDougall
    January 5, 2023
    Andy MacDougall joins Ian Short to discuss some of the experiences he had with the community, screen printer-to-screen printer. He share stories ranging from how he first became enamored with the craft to how he met his “giants.” His enthusiasm for screen printing is most evident in the writing and instruction he has provided thousands of printers of all experience levels.
  • Artworker 02 | Brian Steely
    Artworker 02 | Brian Steely
    December 22, 2022
    Brian Steely joins us on the podcast to talk about his signature mono-line design aesthetic, the challenges of making it in the art world, advice on how to build a sustainable business as an artist, and how to balance it all.

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  • Artworker 01 | JGilman
    Artworker 01 | J.Gilman
    December 20, 2022
    Artworker is a podcast where we talk to anyone that works with art. Designers, illustrators, printers, painters, and marketers. Anyone that uses art in their work every day. We discuss the latest projects they’re working on, experiences, and their perspective on what’s happening in their industry.
  • Nesquik Dreamhack
    Nesquik | Dreamhack
    December 5, 2022
    Nesquik brings the gamer together with their Dreamhack world tour. Players got personalized t-shirts while grinding their way through their respective tournaments. Danger.Live did the printing for their Atlanta stop.
  • Wander North Georgia
    Featured Studio | Wander North Georgia
    November 29, 2022
    How a simple sticker turned into Wander North Georgia, the unofficial guide to Appalachia. We discuss how they started, how they grew their brand, what drew them to the Blue Ridge area, and how they provide all the necessary tools to venture into the great outdoors.
  • Shirt Circle
    The Top 10 Best Shirts of 2022
    November 25, 2022
    Updated for 2022. Quality is subjective, the most popular list does not address quality, rather it objectively shows the shirts our clients have chosen most in 2022. What is better or best for your project depends heavily on how your art pairs with your choice of garment and print technology you choose; screen printing, DTG, digital transfer, etc. Below the most popular list, we’ve broken out some subjective sub-categories like best Wash Wear, Low Cost, etc.If you’re looking for more in-depth info...

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  • Mailchimp Momentum
    Mailchimp | Momentum
    November 6, 2022
    We got together with the Mailchimp’s Wink design team to print some shirts. Watching creatives create with new tools is always a good time. It’s fun to see what they come up with when they personally hand their work over to a printer.
  • Black Cat Tips
    Black Cat Tips
    October 15, 2022
    We visit with Kyle at his studio where he tends to his chickens, orchids, wrangles his kids, talks about his art, and life. We screen printed some shirts for him recently for his Smile a While exhibit at the Wilson Arts Center.
  • Plastisol texture
    Ink Series | Hand
    September 16, 2022
    “What will the design feel like?” is a question you should always ask a screen printer. Designs printed on T-shirts will have a texture which we call “hand.” Learn how hand can be utilized to create new and interesting screen printing or textile printing textures with any design.
  • Alayna Fabricius
    Screen Printer | Alayna Fabricius
    September 6, 2022
    Printmaker, screen printer, and fine artist Alayna Fabricius shares her work based on a recent trip to Mexico City and Oaxaca, her inspirations, and stories about old print masters.

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