3D Grid Analysis

This is a fancy name to explain how we like to dress up mannequins to our accountant. Even after making digital comps on sexy models, we’ve found that Size Surprise & Location Remorse can still happen.

Since size and location of a print are such critical decisions that need to be made when working on a shirt design, we came up with our 3D Grid Analysis as an additional visual comp. Screen printing is ultimately an analog process and using human analogs to map out print location only makes sense.

Moving from design on a flat monitor to reality, we’ve found the need to address how exactly prints will look on a three dimensional human body— in person.

Our solution to this issue is to simply put a laser print of the design on a shirted mannequin, show it to the artist and repeat the phrase “Like this?”. Dress forms work cheaper than models and we pass on the savings to you. Most of them.

This process lengthens our preflight time a little, but we like to let our partners see exactly where and how a print will look on a three-dimensional body, with real world lighting.