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Ed Jewell talks about screen printing

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ABSTRACTION: Screen Printing

If you’re in Atlanta, come by Portfolio Center at 7:00 in the evening on Wednesday, October 04 to hear Ed Jewell discuss everything you wanted to know about screen printing. If you’re nice, he may give you a T-shirt.

Presented by AIGA Atlanta
Navigating from screen to print can be quite the challenge. Whether it is issues with color matching, converting pixels to inches or simply maintaining the best quality image, there can be many pitfalls that prevent designers from taking their amazing idea to production. One man who is working to shed light on the screen printing process is Ed Jewell, the owner/creator of DangerPress. DangerPress is an Atlanta-based print shop focused on bringing artists’ and designers’ visions to life. Ed has spent over 10 years developing the finest press work in the southeast with strong brands such as Adult Swim, MailChimp and much more.

Come join us for a chat with Ed Jewell as he discusses Danger Press’ origins, success, and pitfalls within the printing industry as well as the art and science behind screen printing.

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