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Tell Stories: 3 Books for Creative Clothing Marketing

It's Amazing the Amount of Strategies you can Find in a $3 Used PaperBack

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In Atlanta, and other markets, quality creative marketing can hold the key to t-shirts moving off of those dusty backroom shelves and into multiple households. At the end of the day, everything we make is meant to tell stories. Whether explicitly or implicitly, we look to connect to the communities we wish to cultivate through our designs. To make sure we’re dancing to the same jig, let us remind you, marketing doesn’t solely mean advertisements. Just like Graphic Design doesn’t mean you just “make logos” (ATTN: My Aunties & Uncles). Its a part, not the whole. Check theses concepts hidden in these 3 books that are worth way more than the listed Amazon prices:

 chapter 6 of open book on strategies

1) “The Advertising Concept Book” by Pete Barry

Yes. This is a college textbook. No. I’m not testing you at the end of the semester. But, don’t forget to wire all tuition payments to 675 Metropolitan Pkwy SW #6020, Atlanta, GA 30310. The Advertising Concept Book is a brilliant point of reference that runs down what, how, and why some of the greatest adverts are successful. One of the main reasons we purchased this tome, is because it clearly “shows” and “tells” with amazing depth and clarity how to produce eye- catching campaigns. Like this. Visually-engaging and concept-heavy, The Advertising Concept Book will give your business pitch a needed boost. Time to sharpen your pencils kiddos.

 closeup of marketing book by seth godin

2) “All Marketers are Liars Tell Stories” by Seth Godin

Initially Controversial & Immensely Impactful. Seth Godin’s 10th Offering, All Marketers Tell Stories, will give you deep insights into how to become an authentic storyteller in whatever industry you represent. During the read, Seth Godin even slightly dives into why we psychologically believe expensive chocolate brands like Godiva are fancier than Hershey. *Hint: Its the Foil. Everything around your brand tells a story. The responsibility doesn’t rest solely on the thick Plastisol we lay onto your Soft 4oz of Cotton. What novela will your tee tell? Let Seth be your librarian as you try to find the story that best fits your brand.

collage of marketing book's pages with grandma with tennis racket

3) “Chasing Cool” by Noah Kerner & Gene Pressman

The things we find cool vary across humans, borders, and time. We seem to be eternally drawn to the chase for what’s “cool” for us and others. Like a moth to a flame. Hell, at one point it was cool for woman to wear shoulder pads on the dance floor. While now, in 2017 amid health concerns, some mothers wouldn’t even let their children don them on football fields. Cool changes. Always.

Authenticity is truly the only thing we can pin down.

Chasing Cool explores the above concept in full. All told from the perspective of a DJ turnt Marketing agency owner and the former Creative Director who turned Barney’s New York into the cultural force it is today. Follow their insights into the ever-changing world of the cool with a little help from the Velvet Underground, Trucker Hats, and, the father of cool himself, Miles Davis.

All in all, even if your favorite steal doesn’t lie on this list, don’t fret. Seriously, be cool. Its just cheap paper pulp. Amazon has a plethora of highly devalued paperback knowledge. Let us know what’s your favorite novel. Also, don’t forget to send your tuition in kiddos!