Artwork Requirements & Templates

Download Shirt Templates

All artwork should be given to us at the size you want it printed

It’s a good idea to print it out and put it on a friend or yourself in front of a mirror to check sizing. Once you’ve got it on a body and are satisfied with its size, figure out where on the garment you want it. For instance, if the design is printing on the center chest, tell us that, and measure from the top of the collar to the top of the design so we know where you want the impression. Our standard distance on center chest for men’s is 3″ up to a large and 4″ up to 4XL, and 2″ from the collar for women’s. For other placements, note distance from the closest outer edge of the garment. Please provide a comprehensive layout proof (comp), specifying colors and placement. You can use our templates to make your comp, which are available here.

We prefer Adobe Illustrator for vector artwork and Photoshop for raster drawings

Each color to be printed should be on it’s own layer. We do not accept Quark, Microsoft Word, Paint, Pixelmator or Publisher.

All fonts should be converted to outlines & Pantone colors specified

We can print generic colors like “blood red” but it may not look like what you see on your screen.

Raster art (Photoshop) should be at minimum 300 dpi

Low-resolution files from Google images will not print well. For multi-color jobs each color needs to be on a separate layer. This means if your artwork has 3 colors, there will be 3 layers in the file. No more, no less. If you really want to impress us, hand in a properly channeled DCS2 .eps.

Our largest impression size on shirts without bleed is 20″ x 23″

If you want the print to bleed, print off the edge of the garment, additional charges will apply. For sleeve prints keep it 3″ wide or less. Impression size for posters is up to 36″ x 48″.

We also accept camera-ready art

That means either art you drew with your own hands on paper like a real artist, preferably with a solid black ink, or a black & white laser print that we will easily be able to scan. To be clear, camera-ready art is one color black on a white sheet of paper. You can make a black & white photocopy of an original drawing to get a good idea of how the image will work as camera-ready art. Color photos or other multi-color outputs from an inkjet or other digital source are not camera-ready art. Any artwork time we need to do will be billed at $60/hour. Multi-color jobs that require separation by us will require art time. You will be notified by us prior to doing any work on your art.