Straight lines

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My first martial arts instructor was fond of the phrase “Practice makes permanent.” He was right, of course. People in general are terrible, often because of their bad habits. Good habits are one of the best ways to improve yourself to the point where others can stand to be around you for more than a few minutes. Brushing your teeth, bathing, exercising, introducing yourself to new people, making eye contact when you speak to them, and pretending to be interested in … Read More

The Fire Cracker Jack Is Back

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Danger Bat Silent Action detail

We’ve restocked these in Heather Gray and added a new Heather Green as well. Our most popular shirt for some reason. It’s the red isn’t it. You guys like that red don’t you. Yeah you do. Danger Staff

Go South

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Go South Southern Printmakers

We printed a couple of things in this show at Young Blood. Should be worth your while. Danger Staff


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Durer Rhino

If someone described a creature to you that you’d never seen before, that lived on another continent you had never been to, do you think you could draw it from just their words? Albrecht Dürer could. Well, sort of. He got it mostly right. Danger Staff

Broad & Peachtree

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Atlanta Flat Iron Building

Remember when Atlanta had no trees? Sure you do. You took the Walker Street trolley from Snake Nation down to Broad & Peachtree to work in the cotton warehouse. Then rode it to meet your girl at the Pig N’ Whistle on Ponce for a hotdog. Segue into poster details goes here. We printed these CMYB (Brown), and because we understand that as an American you like things “extra large,” we gave you big 25 line screen dots. Enjoy. Danger … Read More

Matt Leunig

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Matt Leunig

We recently finished this print by Mr. Leunig for Ween at the 40 Watt. If you missed the show you can get it on his site. Danger Staff

Live Prints

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This End Up

We’re packing up to go on the road again. Come see us live on Adult Swim’s Rag Bag of Jollification tour stops from 6pm-11pm. If you can guess how much these press cases weigh, we’ll give you a free shirt. ______________________________ Baton Rouge, LA – Wednesday, March 30 Fred’s Bar Parking Lot, 1184 Bob Pettit Blvd College Station, TX – Saturday, April 02 Dixie Chicken, 202 1st Street Albuquerque, NM – Monday, April 04 Park It Place Lot, 224 Central … Read More