Butt Pencils, DIY, and Frank Zappa: A Live Stream of How To Draw at Danger

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Butt Pencils, DIY, and Frank Zappa: A Live Stream of How To Draw at Danger

Last Friday, we had two beautiful things occur… the wonderful production of “How to Draw” filmed a LiveShow at our shop and I finally realized our Friendly neighborhood Bostonian, Ed Jewell, looks just like Frank Zappa. Creepy? Yes. Beautiful Art Direction in the Zappa’s Pic? Yes. If only Ed could dress this well. But I digress, Terri and Adam brought their brand of funny and insightful content over to our stomping grounds and even had some of us in on … Read More

Everybody Can Draw | A Talk with Josh Lafayette on Diversity, Drawing, and Design

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There is a reason that the Red Curtain exists on airline flights. Yes, it does give off a feel of luxury and prestige but that isn’t the only thing it provides. One of the main functions is to limit exposure from any one who isn’t on the proper side of the flowing cloth. Because if you were to vividly see how First Class lives, a natural line of questioning would occur. Why can’t I have free Champagne during my flight? … Read More

Tell Stories: 3 Books for Creative Clothing Marketing

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In Atlanta, and other markets, quality creative marketing can hold the key to t-shirts moving off of those dusty backroom shelves and into multiple households. At the end of the day, everything we make is meant to tell stories. Whether explicitly or implicitly, we look to connect to the communities we wish to cultivate through our designs. To make sure we’re dancing to the same jig, let us remind you, marketing doesn’t solely mean advertisements. Just like Graphic Design doesn’t mean … Read More

Screen printing, Students, and Sandwiches: Shop Tales 101

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“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. “ Sage advice Whitney. Especially in these days and times. On Friday, we got the chance to do just that, let the next generation of creatives effect the future. With Skills USA, an organization that outfits high school students with abilities that go far beyond the classroom, we gave up the keys to our treasured shop and let a lucky group of students run … Read More

5 Simple Methods to Promote Your Brand from God Is Dope

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God Is Dope’s Sharod Simpson discusses how promoting a brand is about more than t-shirts. Atlanta is a very fickle place. There, I said it. But if you’ve lived here longer than 2 years, you would know this statement hovers right above the truth. In a land where everyone is a producer, executive, entrepreneur, poet, rapper, or creative, the sheer amount of shameless self-promotion can either be dizzying, if you’re new to Atlanta, or a new form of radio silence, if you’re a … Read More