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Butt Pencils, DIY, and Frank Zappa: A Live Stream of How To Draw at Danger

Adult Swim Digital's tour and Taping of Danger's Screen-Printing Shop

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Last Friday, we had two beautiful things occur… the wonderful production of “How to Draw” filmed a LiveShow at our shop and I finally realized our Friendly neighborhood Bostonian, Ed Jewell, looks just like Frank Zappa. Creepy? Yes. Beautiful Art Direction in the Zappa’s Pic? Yes. If only Ed could dress this well. But I digress, Terri and Adam brought their brand of funny and insightful content over to our stomping grounds and even had some of us in on the staff included in their TV magic. (Look for the beautiful Loc’d man in the Black Levi’s jacket.)


Terri, Adam and the How to Draw crew filmed another illustrious episode to teach their audience the basics on how to Screen-print. Ed showcased how to print like the pros, read: Danger Press, and how to perfect the imperfect science that is DIY screen-printing. Though I won’t go into full detail here, because its much better to watch and see it first-hand, just know that baby-oil, a pencil and a butt are all apart of the footage shown below. Even with the above items the content is surprisingly still SFW.

On another note, How to Draw also included a contest with there appearance to lovingly illustrate the man we call Ed Jewell. They range from the immaculately detailed sketches to a child-like crayon drawing of our Shop owner. They feature the must-see designs in one of their newer episodes.

To check out more of How to Draw, Enter the Ed Jewell illustration contest, or just watch our episode over and over again until the Internet breaks, check out the Stream of How to Draw here. We hope you can take a few new techniques and learn a few beautiful things about the shop we call Danger Press. Thanks and love goes to the fine folks at How To Draw!