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A Mobile Branding and Experiential Marketing Solution

Our commitment to providing artists and designers with quality custom screen printing goes beyond our brick and mortar location in Atlanta, Georgia. Every year, we travel across the country helping our clients in the arts, entertainment, and music industry engage their audience through a unique live printing experience.

With offices in the East and West Coast, we are ready to provide shop quality merch at shop quality speed.



In 2007 we were approached by Turner Networks' Adult Swim to assist them with their Hip Hop tour featuring the legendary Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan.  This was new territory for us, but we wouldn't be Danger Press without our commitment to providing solutions to our clients' ambitious projects. We went straight to work and developed an on-site printing system to deliver customizable Adult Swim merch only available at the concert. The success at our booth told us that we needed to further develop our live printing experience. Today this day, with every event, we strive to continuously improve our set up and our audience engagement.

Designed For You and Your Audience

Danger.Live is designed to be the most engaging experience at your event. We work by your side to tailor a program that best suits your business. More importantly, we are open to client presentation and branding. Our ability to print on a large range of products gives you the freedom to make your live printing experience that much more unique.


Tote Bags

Flatstock (paper)







Live Event Printing
Live Event Printing

"Danger.Live is always the busiest and most popular engagement at any event.  We are also free range and organic"

- Chris Hamersly

Event Coordinator

How Does It Work?

Our on-the-spot printing entertains your guests and allows them to use their creativity to personalize their premium merch. By taking part in the production process, guests are more connected to the product. Our guests start off by first deciding on the color and size of the garment. Then they select their design from your choices. And finally, they chose the placement of the print on the product. The end product is a one of a kind original.

You can view the full process via our Turner recap video below.

Turner Annual BBQ | Atlanta, GA

We had to privilege to join Turner Networks' Adult Swim for their Annual BBQ at Skyline Park on Ponce City Markets rooftop.

With a diverse range of printing techniques, full merch customization is possible.

Types of Printing Available

Screen Printed




Live Event Printing
Live Event Printing
Live Event Printing
Live Event Printing
Live Event Printing
Live Event Printing


Where can it be done?

Inside or outside—anywhere we have a dry area about 10ft x 15ft and electrical power. We can use power generators and can supply a tent if needed. Ideally, there’s a dry 10′ x 15′ area for our blocked-out footprint, but we have worked in many different configurations. Our best engagement happens when traffic flows in one direction.


We are based in Atlanta, GA,  and Seattle, WA, but can ship our gear anywhere and travel to your event. We ship using LTL truck service to anywhere domestically within 5 days. Loading dock or lift gate service is required.

Set Up

2 hours or less from the final layout plan

Power requirements:

A single 120v, 20a dedicated circuit for each press

How long does it take?

Production time for shirts is right at about 200 per hour if demand warrants. For high demand events, we are ready to output at about 3oo per hour.

More Information

For more detailed information about our live printing services please email us at

    Live Event Printing

    A Welcoming & Friendly Staff

    Our 10+ years of experience have taught us that the most engaging activations are those that allow our guests and fans to have a hand in the production process of their customized merch and that is why our staff is trained and prepared to educate our guests on how to properly print their own merch. We often find ourselves teaching our guests the history of screen printing and its applications in today's world.  Above all, we are committed to creating a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone and anyone to create.

    To learn more about Danger.Live head over to for more information.