New Blood

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We’d like to announce our new PR rep, Kali Ma. Formerly a resident of Kolkata, India she brings a new perspective to our work and we’re excited to have her on board here at Danger. “I wanted to work somewhere that appreciated me for who I am, not what I am to society. That’s a real problem in some parts of the world, especially for women.” says the former full-time demon-slayer. As a newcomer to the field of PR, Kali is excited about the possibilities it holds and promises a fresh approach to what we do. “I’ll always have cleansing the earth of the impure in me—it’s in my blood. Well, I guess it’s more in the sacrificial blood I drink, but you know what I mean, it will always be my first love.” We feel Kali’s wise, fearless, & humble approach to her work is a perfect match for us, we look forward to working with her and hope you will to.