A Presale Shop™ is a convenient solution for fundraisers, campaigns, businesses, teams, or brands who want to sell their products before they're printed.
This can help gauge the level of interest from your audience and is an opportunity to offload the logistics of distribution and inventory onto someone else (us.)

We take the orders
We manage the inventory
We ship the product


We can partner with you to create a short-term, (usually 1-2 weeks) online popup shop
that allows your audience exclusive access to new items before they're printed.

Once the shop is set up with your design, we'll collect orders and handle fulfillment.

With an individualized web shop, you'll be able to gather your orders during a predetermined period of time. Once we have the orders, we print and ship them out to your customers when the sale has ended.
Branded merch, premiums, or limited items within an organization can be created, printed, and shipped to the doorsteps of fans, team members, or employees.


Presale Shop
Presale Shop
Presale Shop

"You really made this an amazing process for me and everyone that got a shirt. Just a Seamless Experience."

—George F. Baker III

Fallas Family Vision Presale Shop
Fallas Family Vision Presale Shop
Fallas Family Vision Presale Shop

"It was a fun experience I must say. From the design stages, to the climbing sales, to the facial expressions of people receiving the beautiful T-shirt."

—Humberto Fallas


Studies show that people generally want to help each other and contribute to causes that they see as worthy of their investment of time, money, and most valuable of all, attention. Things like recycling, for example, are generally something that most people want to participate in and will do so if it's convenient. However, once it starts becoming even a little bit inconvenient to do it, participation drops off quickly. So, in order to succeed at fundraising, and a high "buy in" of participation, you'll want to make the process as simple and convenient as possible for your audience.

With a Presale Shop™, we can make fundraising almost effortless for your audience. Anyone that has a phone can take part in a fundraiser in less than a minute. All you have to do is send them a link, either directly with a text message, over email, or posted on social media, and they can be taken to a single page shop. Because of the simple navigation and layout, they won't have to spend time sorting through categories or menus to get to the item, or items, that you have listed in your shop.


A Presale Shop™ can be great for getting the word out about something. It doesn't have to be a political campaign, although it does work well for that. It can be a simple slogan, culturally relevant phrase, or idea that your audience would be interested in.

When you're announcing a new printed product, we've found that the highest Return On Investment occurs in the first two weeks of availability. Knowing this, we came up with a solution to hit the sweet spot for ROI using a short-term shop vs. long-term solutions that require more investment from sellers.

Typically we adivse to focus on one item at a time. Making a simple, single-page shop will focus the attention of your audience. This makes their shopping experience direct and un-convouluted, getting right to the product without making them click through menus or sections.


Businesses can use a Presale Shop™ as a general promotion resource. It can be for anything that you're trying to spread the word about like a new menu item, a new location opening, or a new service that you have on offer. If your staff needs uniforms we can set that up. Maybe you want to promote a milestone for the business, a corporate outing or simply hand out branded apparel.  The Presale Shop is a logistic free way to handle it.

If your product or service has an existing following on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, that's even better. We can advise the best times to post links to your shop to reach the most people in your audience.

They're also a good opportunity to compliment interactive marketing.


When making jerseys, or other printed athletic items, for a team, the responsibility to produce shirts for the entire club usually falls on a single team member. Each player essentially gets a custom shirt. This means that the organizer not only needs to source the printer to make the garments, but they also have to get everybody’s name, number, and size all in a spreadsheet. Once all the information has been gathered, they then make sure that information goes directly to the printer without mistakes.

With a Presale Shop™, this can all be handled online by the individual team members themselves. This greatly reduces the chance of mistakes as well as reducing the onus on any one individual for accurate data entry. Additional pieces of decoration that they might want on the garment, such as rank or sponsorships, can be added and approved by the team association. This way, everyone gets a truly custom garment that they worked together as a group to create.


Creating branded merchandise for your existing brand is the simplest use of a Presale Shop™.

Each shop is assigned it's own custom and secure domain like or This allows you to keep your current domain branding intact if users click from your site to your shop.

The thing that makes a successful brand is participation from the target audience or demographic. With a Presale Shop™, you can give them access to something exclusive for a limited time adding value to the item and excitement to participate.

 Printed items can be listed for a predetermined window of time with a countdown timer to let people know the offer is limited and will not be available after it closes.


Premiums are special items made for a group of people in an organization, association, or company that already have some level of involvement with a brand or culture. Think of it as a level 2 promotional item. Typically, they're used to strengthen early-stage consumer relationships, encourage repeat business, or deepen the connection of someone to the organization. Premiums can also be used as a reward or benefit to employees of a company.

Premiums can be free or only given to people that qualify for access by their existing membership in a group, employment in a company, or ownership of another previously purchased item or service.


Anyone who has bought work by an artist or sold their own artwork will know that they often have a very special human connection with their fans. Art and design collectors want to add something beautiful to their life that they don't necessarily need but want. It won't have a specific utility, like a phone or a toaster, but they will still want it for emotional reasons. It adds beauty to their life.

With artwork specifically, what buyers are looking for is a connection to the artist. They're after a piece of the the artist as a person, usually something personal that the artist put their hand to. Because of the time and effort required to fulfill this personal connection, artists often produce necessarily small runs. These print runs are typically personally handled, signed, or otherwise customized by the artist. These runs by their nature have to be limited and presented to a usually small group of fanatical followers as a numbered edition series.

One of the challenges with producing limited edition prints is knowing how many you should make. You want to make enough so that all your fans have an opportunity to get one. However, you also want to keep the run finite enough so that the ones who do get one have something unique. You want them to feel like they're getting something special from you as an artist or designer. Even after doing a few limited editions, this number can be difficult to determine. A growing audience makes keeping track of the sweet spot even more complicated.

With a Presale Shop™, you can remove the guesswork and let your audience decide on the size of the run. Simpley let your fans know that you're doing a limited edition print and will have it on offer in a limited window of time.  Anyone who's interested can get one. You're giving them an opportunity to buy a hand-signed, custom piece of work from you, before it's made, and letting them as a community determine how many you need to make. No fan gets left out.