Road Sage

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Careless Driving Reaps a bloody harvest

We all know it’s harvest season. Otherwise you’d be in class right now pretending to take notes on your MacBook while actually updating your Facebook. You think you have the teacher fooled but she knows exactly what you’re doing and doesn’t care. Just like some of you don’t seem to care if anybody knows when you are coming into their lane on 85 South. Think of using your turn signal as saying to your fellow drivers “Hey, I don’t want us both to die just because I’m late for my pilates class but here I come.” Most people will be happy to let you over unless they are on their cell phone and don’t notice your turn signal. In that case, nevermind with the signal and just run them off the road like you originally planned. Also, if water falls from the sky while you’re driving, it’s not the end of days.