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Refurbishing a vintage piece of industrial americana

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Vintage 24 Hour Electric Clock

This was another fun project. A while ago we were asked to help in the refurbishing of an analog 24 hour electric clock of WWII vintage.

The clock was originally made by Elm Manufacturing Co. in Hastings-On-Hudson, New York some time in the 1940s. The face was stained and damaged from exposure to moisture and had partially peeled away from the internal structure.

The owner brought the clock to us because he wanted it printed in analog fashion like it would have been in the 40s. We took it apart, removed the face, and re-created the damaged sections. We then printed it with water based ink on uncoated vellum finish paper to match the original. We offered to print it on a synthetic stock with solvent ink to prevent moisture damage in the future but the owner wanted it to look original.

It was an honor to get to work on a great piece of industrial Americana like this.

If you are refurbishing one of these clocks and need a replacement face, you can purchase one here:

Elm Manufacturing Co. 24-Hour Clock Face