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Chinese Dragon Shirt

Given the popularity of all-over print clothing (still?), I predict the next big thing will be chef pants. Mad chili peppers and broccolis all over your ass like someone went off on you with a salad shooter. But don’t listen to me–if you want the real inside word, make friends with a gay dude; they’re the taste makers sure enough. That’s been the way of the world since the 70s when drag queens would show up in the club sporting the most ridiculous threads they could find and it became popular culture. And remember in 2003 when you discovered hot pink? Guess what. Now try to say with a straight face that a heterosexual man should wear tight jeans. While you’re coming to terms with how gay your wardrobe is and what that means to you, have a look through our recent store updates. None of which were designed by gay guys, so don’t expect your friends to like anything you buy if you wear it out.

Danger the store.