Michael Mauldin Process

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Michael Mauldin

An artist’s process is something we don’t usually get a chance to see. It’s often a deeply personal experience that’s done when they feel inspired and often, not when there’s a camera around. We brought Mike into the shop, when we did had a camera around, and asked him to talk about the steps in creating his latest print. Mike shows us his process, physical and mental, the tools he likes to use and what some of his thoughts are when working on … Read More

American Authors

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American Authors prints set

We’ve just finished our American Authors trilogy prints. If you’re new to America or you dropped out of school in the 4th grade, the one-color prints pictured here from left to right are Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, and Emily Dickinson. Available individually or as a set. Edition of 80 each. Illustrations by Dust. Danger Staff

New(d) Print

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Sarah Graph

We wanted to let everybody know about a new service we’re offering this Spring. Nude (mostly) interns printing your posters. Ask Ed about pricing and available internships. All participants get this print free. Limited edition of 20. Illustration by Dust. Danger Staff

This Is Not Sparta

J.GilmanLiving, Really?

Sparta on Marta

Putting fetishes aside for a moment, human feet are pretty disgusting. I won’t really go into details about why, since you should be able to discern this for yourself, but let’s just say that hair, lint, dead skin, and the grime of the world are involved. And yet many of you seem to think you should be able to air your toes to the universe so that we can feast our eyes upon them. Please, please stop. Have you ever … Read More

Happy Hollandaise

J.GilmanScreen Printing

Octopus T-shirt

The first time I ever had fresh octopus was in Miyama, Japan. I was visiting my sister, who was teaching a 1st & 2nd grade class. The class was their equivalent of home economics where you learn how to cook. That’s right, 1st and 2nd graders learning how to cook. They not only cooked, but they also served and cleaned up their lunches every day in the cafeteria. They don’t play over there when it comes to raising kids. Anyway, … Read More

Sick & Tired

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Chinese Dragon Shirt

Given the popularity of all-over print clothing (still?), I predict the next big thing will be chef pants. Mad chili peppers and broccolis all over your ass like someone went off on you with a salad shooter. But don’t listen to me–if you want the real inside word, make friends with a gay dude; they’re the taste makers sure enough. That’s been the way of the world since the 70s when drag queens would show up in the club sporting … Read More