Event Eating

J.GilmanLiving, Really?


In the 21st century, I shouldn’t have to deal with bones in my food. Nowhere is this more unacceptable than at a restaurant. Let me get this straight: I’m paying for food, you cooked it for me, our civilization has been around for millenia, and you can’t be bothered to remove the bones? If you’re destitute, homeless, a Skeksis, or worse, a Cantonese peasant farmer, then maybe it’s OK. Enjoy the scraps from the leftovers of the lower middle class … Read More

Good Times People

Danger StaffEmployees, Show

Party at the shop

Thanks to everyone that stopped by; we enjoyed giving you free beer, soda, and snacks. If you missed the show, you can see some flicks here. If you want to find out about future events you can join our mailing list. We’ll have most of the pieces for sale online soon. That way you can continue to live a life of solitude and eat it too. Speaking of eating, thanks also to Alyssa Sheldon for her fantastic foods. Danger Staff

First Print Show

Danger StaffEmployees, Living, Really?, Show

Saint George

We’ll be having a show of all our in-house & some customer work Saturday May 09. The show will feature prints on fabric, paper, metal, and wood. If we really like you, you’ll get a fancy printed invitation in your mail box. Feel free to bring well-behaved friends or that girl you’ve been trying to impress with how “into art” you are. Danger Staff