Box Redesign

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Box Redesign

New box design for the shop by J.Gilman. Watch a quick overview of the creation process from his screen to hand-made comps. J.GilmanCo-founder of Danger Press in 2004, J’s background is in corporate identity design, photography, calligraphy, illustration and marketing. He enjoys solving problems, negative space, brevity, black cats, and the color gray.

Lettering Strokes

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Lettering Strokes

Print your letters. Here’s how you do it. Lettering Strokes by J.Gilman I first learned the proper ways of printing letters when I took a drafting class in college. Before they’d let you anywhere near CAD, you had to get down with pencils, compasses, and T-squares. My professor was great. He was one of those awesome, old man hard-asses that makes you do things the way he had to do them–without computers. So we did. We learned, or rather re-learned (thanks, first grade cursive) … Read More

Please Pick Two

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Quality Speed Price

Many of you will hopefully recognize this as it’s an old idea. However, we feel it bears repeating. In the design world, it’s fairly common knowledge that quality comes at a price. That said, the trend of crowd sourcing work aka “design contests” is at an all-time high and clients seem more eager than ever to work with you…as long as you can show them something on spec. Unrealistic expectations are a common problem not only in the design industry, but … Read More

Turning Ink Interview

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Ed & J

If I swore on my mother’s eyes that this photo wasn’t posed, I don’t think you’d believe me. Anyway, here’s the interview we did with local clothing manufacturer Alternative Apparel. Danger Staff

Hybrid-living people



Green living is beyond trendy at this point and is pretty much on its way to becoming a lifestyle choice. And soon you’ll be able to buy lots more stuff to prove you’re living that lifestyle. There isn’t a single human on the planet that doesn’t like the Earth. I mean, what are your other options? Live on the moon? The Earth provides us with food, water, shelter, gravity, sunlight, McDonalds, and all the other human essentials. I suppose the … Read More

It’s An Inkjet Print


Inkjet printer

The word “Giclée”, pronounced Zhee-Clay, is derived from the French word “le gicleur” meaning “Nozzle” because that’s what you are if you buy or sell one as art. Some dude invented the word in 1991 so he could charge more for his digital inkjet prints. They were originally used as press proofs for real printing. You know, the kind where somebody gets dirty? Giclée prints can run up to $10,000+ depending on size. For an ink. jet. print. He went … Read More

In the Cut

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Danger Sign

We have made a successful landing in the west end. The new joint has lots of space, friendly neighbors (Charlie Smith, Atlanta Printmakers Studio, Graphic Traffic) and a low murder rate. We’ll be pulling 4ft x 8ft prints soon. If you are in the West End Warehouses look for our pretty metal sign, if J ever finishes it. Check back for our re-opening party and don’t forget to bring your mom. It’s the least you can do since you never … Read More

Fire Cracker Jack

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Bat shirt Silent Action

New shirts on the way. Look for more animals on upcoming designs because we like animals. They are delicious and fun to pet. Danger Staff

Enough Shirts

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enough with he skull and cross bones graphics already

Because what the world needs is one more shirt with a declarative statement on it, we bring you this guy. Potentially our most unpopular shirt to date. Danger Staff