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Wayan Bayu Kali

Danger StaffWe are screen printing artists and designers. We are problem solvers. We do most of our work in the arts, entertainment, and music industries, but we print for everybody. We do a lot of work for poster artists, clothing lines, and promoters. Our clients often come to us with unique and ambitious marketing ideas that other screen printers have told them are not possible. We take pride in being able to offer them solutions.

New Blood

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We’d like to announce our new PR rep, Kali Ma. Formerly a resident of Kolkata, India she brings a new perspective to our work and we’re excited to have her on board here at Danger. “I wanted to work somewhere that appreciated me for who I am, not what I am to society. That’s a real problem in some parts of the world, especially for women.” says the former full-time demon-slayer. As a newcomer to the field of PR, Kali … Read More