Lettering Strokes

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Lettering Strokes

Print your letters. Here’s how you do it. Lettering Strokes by J.Gilman I first learned the proper ways of printing letters when I took a drafting class in college. Before they’d let you anywhere near CAD, you had to get down with pencils, compasses, and T-squares. My professor was great. He was one of those awesome, old man hard-asses that makes you do things the way he had to do them–without computers. So we did. We learned, or rather re-learned (thanks, first grade cursive) … Read More

Straight lines

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My first martial arts instructor was fond of the phrase “Practice makes permanent.” He was right, of course. People in general are terrible, often because of their bad habits. Good habits are one of the best ways to improve yourself to the point where others can stand to be around you for more than a few minutes. Brushing your teeth, bathing, exercising, introducing yourself to new people, making eye contact when you speak to them, and pretending to be interested in … Read More