5 Simple Methods to Promote Your Brand from God Is Dope

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God Is Dope’s Sharod Simpson discusses how promoting a brand is about more than t-shirts. Atlanta is a very fickle place. There, I said it. But if you’ve lived here longer than 2 years, you would know this statement hovers right above the truth. In a land where everyone is a producer, executive, entrepreneur, poet, rapper, or creative, the sheer amount of shameless self-promotion can either be dizzying, if you’re new to Atlanta, or a new form of radio silence, if you’re a … Read More

The 2 Elements of Successful Self-Promotion

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Arrogance Engine

Talking about your work in a public space is a necessary part of being a successful artist. Depending on your personality, this may be uncomfortable for you or you may enjoy it. If you don’t talk about your efforts enough, you will fail to reach an audience of potential supporters, fans, and customers. Self-promote too much and people are likely to get bored of what you’re saying/doing and file your promotion efforts as background noise. Like many things in life, … Read More

10 Things to Remember When Starting a Clothing Line

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10 Things to Remember When Starting a Clothing Line

1. What’s your story? When you’re making a “for sale” t-shirt, understand that you’re getting into a saturated marketplace. Your t-shirt needs to stand out. Sure, your design is compelling, your shirt top quality, and the printing is perfect, but what really is going to set it apart from all the other stuff out there? Why should they care? You should have a great answer to this question before investing. Your clothing line should tell a story. Maybe it’s your story or … Read More

Why Soft Matters to Your Brand


Why Soft Matters to Your Brand

When you’re designing a product, in screen printing or otherwise, king before all else is the experience of the end user of that product. This is easy to lose sight of when you necessarily need to consider other factors like price or availability. Design trends can also be a distraction from user experience. Focus on the fundamentals of your product first; then you can get fancy. Always try to keep in mind that how an individual personally experiences your brand … Read More