Thanks China



This is why I can’t hate on China. No matter how much their government spits on basic human rights, while keeping most of their population below the poverty line, forcing them to eat anything with 4 legs besides the dining room table, and executing an even higher proportion of them annually than Texas, the fact remains that those same downtrodden people, who have accepted being treated like that as their culture, hand-assembled this, and you can buy it for $2.49 … Read More


Danger StaffScreen Printing

Ed J Richard Stillsuits

We’ve had some free time at the shop waiting on UPS to deliver some packages, which has given us more time to explore the desert. Sadly, on our last tour we lost Richard. This photo was taken right before he was grabbed by what I think was a pterodactyl. If you see anything that looks like a large bird carrying a screaming midget near the West End, let us know where its nest is. Danger Staff