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Ed J Richard Stillsuits

We’ve had some free time at the shop waiting on UPS to deliver some packages, which has given us more time to explore the desert. Sadly, on our last tour we lost Richard. This photo was taken right before he was grabbed by what I think was a pterodactyl. If you see anything that looks like a large bird carrying a screaming midget near the West End, let us know where its nest is. Danger Staff

Birds and Bees

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Spring time makes me want to reproduce. Well, maybe not actually reproduce but at least think about it. Really just taking walks and seeing people outside again before the sauna god created here hits in the summer is nice. It is also time for t-shirts, which is great because we need your money. Just click over to the quote section and get that “Jesus is my home girl” shirt you always thought was funny printed. Danger Staff

Form vs. Function

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The only way you can get away from talking to a million different douche bags these days is to become so rough looking that they don’t want to talk to you. So, as they put on their all over print hoodie, I will put on my olive drab army parka. They match their socks to their shirts, I put on socks where my toes poke through. They wear shoes that look like a bowl of Fruit Loops, and I will … Read More