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Ian McArthur

New print by Swindon artist Iain Macarthur. We’ve all felt this way at one time or another. For me it’s how I remember feeling just about every day in high school. I wonder if kids in England hear the same “It’s going on your permanent record” line we get here to keep our youthful anger in check. Iain understands. And so do we. Danger Staff


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Ceci n'est pas une pipe

Clothing line inspired by Magritte, Treachery of Images, 1929. I was in 7th grade English class, first day, when the professor held up this picture. He asked the class what it was.  Everyone answered “a pipe.”  He would reply flatly “No” to student after student.  When he asked me, I said, “It’s a picture of a pipe.” He exclaimed, “Exactly.”  The world at large is about perception; that is the inspiration for Correct. Danger Staff

Caldwell Tanner

Danger StaffIllustration, Prints & Posters

What kind of artist are you

We know many of you artists out there just want to find yourselves. In an effort to help, we’ve printed this two color poster by Caldwell Tanner for you. It’s a searingly accurate portrayal of artists with a handy flow chart so you can tell where exactly you fit in. Now you can stop wondering and get a job. Limited edition of 100. Check out more of Mr. Tanner’s work here. Danger Staff

American Authors

Danger StaffIllustration, Prints & Posters

American Authors prints set

We’ve just finished our American Authors trilogy prints. If you’re new to America or you dropped out of school in the 4th grade, the one-color prints pictured here from left to right are Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, and Emily Dickinson. Available individually or as a set. Edition of 80 each. Illustrations by Dust. Danger Staff

New(d) Print

Danger StaffIllustration, Prints & Posters

Sarah Graph

We wanted to let everybody know about a new service we’re offering this Spring. Nude (mostly) interns printing your posters. Ask Ed about pricing and available internships. All participants get this print free. Limited edition of 20. Illustration by Dust. Danger Staff

Lola Moves On Over


Move on over or we'll move on over you

If you dig on white shirts, these guys probably have your number. If they don’t, then maybe it’s time to get a new one. lolanewyork.com Click the kitty to hear the song  >> J.GilmanCo-founder of Danger Press in 2004, J’s background is in corporate identity design, photography, calligraphy, illustration and marketing. He enjoys solving problems, negative space, brevity, black cats, and the color gray. jgilman.com

Happy Hollandaise

J.GilmanScreen Printing

Octopus T-shirt

The first time I ever had fresh octopus was in Miyama, Japan. I was visiting my sister, who was teaching a 1st & 2nd grade class. The class was their equivalent of home economics where you learn how to cook. That’s right, 1st and 2nd graders learning how to cook. They not only cooked, but they also served and cleaned up their lunches every day in the cafeteria. They don’t play over there when it comes to raising kids. Anyway, … Read More

Sick & Tired

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Chinese Dragon Shirt

Given the popularity of all-over print clothing (still?), I predict the next big thing will be chef pants. Mad chili peppers and broccolis all over your ass like someone went off on you with a salad shooter. But don’t listen to me–if you want the real inside word, make friends with a gay dude; they’re the taste makers sure enough. That’s been the way of the world since the 70s when drag queens would show up in the club sporting … Read More

Fire Cracker Jack

Danger StaffScreen Printing

Bat shirt Silent Action

New shirts on the way. Look for more animals on upcoming designs because we like animals. They are delicious and fun to pet. Danger Staff

Enough Shirts

Danger StaffCustom Shirts

enough with he skull and cross bones graphics already

Because what the world needs is one more shirt with a declarative statement on it, we bring you this guy. Potentially our most unpopular shirt to date. Danger Staff