One Card Draw

Danger StaffDesign

Danger business cards with a rat

Our new cards are done. We know you like it thick but still need to impress your friends with how small your carbon footprint is, so we made them out of 90 point recycled chipboard.  They’re 1/10 of an inch thick. That’s half a pica if you’re a letterpress printer or somebody’s grandfather. For the rest of us who are living on pocket change and squatting in foreclosed homes, that’s equal to two pennies or the finger diameter of the … Read More

Hi Ho Silver

Danger StaffScreen Printing

Kid with ball

I think people get to the point with clothing choices where they don’t know what to do anymore, forget they’re legally adults, hit some reset button in their brain and start wearing stuff 3 year olds think is cool. For instance, all-over print primary colors and gold chains. If you’d been caught wearing your grandmother’s blouses and jewelry as a child, you would have probably been slapped; this should still happen. And we too wanted to be cowboys when we … Read More

Have in Trade

Danger StaffScreen Printing

New York City

Come see our work at Pool in NYC July 17-19, booth B32. Lines showing are Black Black, Twentyfive Organization & Not Not Retarded. We love those guys really, but three days of standing around with them on a concrete floor in a room full of “fresh talent with established brands” will be a bit much. We’ll run out of civil conversation by day two and all that will be left is that awkwardness that sets in like when you’re eating … Read More

Nice Cans (Screen Printing on Steel)

Danger StaffDesign

Urban Medium Ammo Cans

We’ve just finished printing ammo cans and shirts for the new Urban Medium project: Heavy Ammunition. See our beautiful work live at Yo-Yo boutique in Atlanta, Saturday Nov. 19 or order yours from the Heavy Ammunition site. Danger Staff