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Danger StaffWe are screen printing artists and designers. We are problem solvers. We do most of our work in the arts, entertainment, and music industries, but we print for everybody. We do a lot of work for poster artists, clothing lines, and promoters. Our clients often come to us with unique and ambitious marketing ideas that other screen printers have told them are not possible. We take pride in being able to offer them solutions.

Shadows Are Not White

J.GilmanScreen Printing

Obama painting white shadows

Unless you are talking about the English back-up band for Cliff Richard, shadows are black. The British aren’t always a good example to follow anyway; ever heard them pronounce advertisement, schedule, or aluminum? This mistake with artwork is something we see a lot in the screen printing industry, and now in my neighborhood apparently. Usually it happens when people decide to save $25 on making a new screen for dark-colored shirts. Most prints start out as dark ink on light … Read More