Sick & Tired

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Chinese Dragon Shirt

Given the popularity of all-over print clothing (still?), I predict the next big thing will be chef pants. Mad chili peppers and broccolis all over your ass like someone went off on you with a salad shooter. But don’t listen to me–if you want the real inside word, make friends with a gay dude; they’re the taste makers sure enough. That’s been the way of the world since the 70s when drag queens would show up in the club sporting … Read More

Fire Cracker Jack

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Bat shirt Silent Action

New shirts on the way. Look for more animals on upcoming designs because we like animals. They are delicious and fun to pet. Danger Staff

Two Eighty

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MoDA (Museum of Design Atlanta) is doing an exhibit of T-shirts. Guess who will have some pieces in the show. Opening night is Thursday, October 19th 6-9pm. And don’t even think of staying after 9 because they will call the cops on you for sure. Show runs through January 13. You’ll see lots of work by people who consider themselves to be artists even though they produce multiple works that are nearly identical and meant for mass consumption. Or maybe … Read More

Enough Shirts

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enough with he skull and cross bones graphics already

Because what the world needs is one more shirt with a declarative statement on it, we bring you this guy. Potentially our most unpopular shirt to date. Danger Staff