Hyperbole For You & Me

J.GilmanLiving, Really?

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Hyperbole is literally the biggest problem in modern communication, and it’s destroying our culture. Take, for example, book reviews on Amazon. Some of them are useful, accurate accounts of someone’s experience with a text. But many of them are wildly divergent from reality along the lines of “This book actually really changed my life” or “I hated it so much I sent it back for a full refund and then I murdered the author’s children.” Unless you’re 6 and experiencing … Read More

The World Is Not Your Trash Can

J.GilmanLiving, Really?


Now before you get started, let me say that we all realize you need to keep the interior of your Kia Sephia pristine. Granted, the exterior, which I presume used to be white, looks like the skies over Beijing in August. But you still can’t allow those empty juice boxes to sully your ride even for the time it takes to reach your destination, even if that destination is a McDonald’s. Though the last time I checked, McDonald’s had a … Read More