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Wayan Bayu

Clean lines with beautiful life

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Wayan Bayu Kali

KALI by Wayan Bayu
19″x33″ Screen Print  |  Edition of 30
Shipping May 2018

We’d like to introduce you to an illustrator you should definitely be following: Wayan Bayu
Working in the beautiful background of Bali, Indonesia, Wayan has a great drawing style.

He came to us via Instagram, where he was posting some of his sketches and process work. He, like many artists and illustrators, is choosing to use social media to deliver his work to a wider audience in leu of more traditional portfolio site.

While scrolling through our feed, we saw the beginnings of what looked like it could be Kali or Durga. Kali has been a long-time favorite of ours because of all she represents and the general attitude her presence embodies. At that point, she was just two arms, a few subtle lines indicating the female form, and her signature skull garland or Mundamala.

Eager to see where Wayan went with her, we followed him. A few days later, he added a second set of arms, then in another post, even more arms, along with the beginnings of hair and head details. We excitedly DM’d him to ask his plans for the drawing and if it was available for use. He told us it was available but unfinished. He allowed us to make some requests about how to finish her. He sent us the keyline and we filled in the color.

The result was a beautiful collaboration in the form of a 19″ x 33″ screen print.

We followed up by asking him a few questions about his work and process.

What is the inspiration behind your drawing style?

Honestly, I draw everything I love. Whatever the style is. Sometimes when I see art, I feel curious as to how it was done. So far, I prefer black and white line art. Because I see the magic with so many lines, or dots, when everything that comes from the pen is combined. It seems like the art talks to you 🙂 Deep down, I don’t know what’s the best answer when someone asks me about my inspiration. My inspiration comes from whatever I saw, that told me to take out my drawing tools and draw it.

For the 4 you’ve had your Instagram, how has social media changed the way you create?


It was a big change for me. I can find lots of ideas, great artists, friends, sometimes I’ll learn new techniques, and commission work of course :)). Sometimes I’ll share ideas, how to draw something, or tool techniques with other artists. And of course, it will give you so many references and inspiration.

Wayan Bayu Owl with scarf

What has been your favorite project you’ve created so far?


I did a surfboard for the Volcom Indonesia store. Because I had such a limited time to finish it for the grand opening of their brand new store, the result really exceeded my expectations. I did it in 3 days, helped by 2 friends.

It came out really well. What was the inspiration behind that piece?


There’s no special inspiration for that piece honestly. I just want to make Bali great again, LOL. Basically it’s a combination of the surf theme, combined with Bali’s art culture.

Wayan Bayu Surfboard artwork
Volcom Indonesia

How did your collaborate with Volcom come about?


About 4 years ago, the Art Director of Volcom Indonesia told me that they were looking for an illustrator. He asked me to join the team. I thought, why not? I don’t know, everything just comes and I enjoy it.

Wayan Bayu

“Just create.”

Wayan Bayu Ink Illustration

How would you describe your Art Style?

I‘m not sure. I just love doing whatever’s in my mind. Just create. Let people say if it’s good or bad.

Wayan Bayu Happiness

Where exactly do you see your art taking you in your career?


I don’t ever think too much about my career. I’ve loved drawing since I was a kid. Before hooking up with Volcom, I did freelance work until now. I don’t know exactly where my art will take my career. I just love to doing it.

What’s next?


I want to keep going farther with my work, because I love to live with my passion. It makes me happy doing my work. Being an artist is my way of life 🙂
Kali print wood floor
Print available at dangerprints.com

KALI by Wayan Bayu
19″x33″ Screen Print  |  Edition of 30
Shipping May 2018

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    Wayan Bayu