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We Like You

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Female Illustration

So, we’re calling for a moratorium on wearing shirts with your favorite person on it. Unless it’s your Grandmother/father who you should want to be exactly like, even if they use racially inappropriate language for the 21st century. They lived through the Depression, probably helped raise you in ways you don’t even know about, and you repay them by wearing a Scarface shirt? Look, we’ve all done it, so don’t sit there nodding like you’ve not at least thought about sporting Che or Mao because you thought it was ironic. Those guys were dicks. I myself misspent my youth in a Trotsky shirt (you can look him up while you are looking up moratorium) because I thought it was funny. It wasn’t and it isn’t. He was assassinated. At age 60. In Mexico. In short, it’s like saying you’d rather be the person on your shirt than in your shirt. Please don’t say that.