What We Do

Who We Are

We are screen printing artists and designers. We are problem solvers.
We do most of our work in the arts, entertainment, and music industries, but we print for everybody. We do a lot of work for poster artists, clothing lines, and promoters. Our clients often come to us with unique and ambitious marketing ideas that other screen printers have told them are not possible.
We take pride in being able to offer them solutions.

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Services Offered

We can handle runs a little as 25 pieces to over 25,000. Reliably meeting tight deadlines, in budget is our wheelhouse.

We specialize in screen printing on t-shirts and posters but we can also print on any fabric, paper, glass, wood, or metal. On fabric, we focus on Waterbase and Discharge printing but can also do CMYK Process, Simulated Process, Appliqué, Heat Transfers, and Foil.

In addition to printing, we can handle finishing work like Folding, Polybagging Garment Tagging, Hand tags, and Sew-in tags.

Additionally, we can offer solutions for fulfillment by drop shipping your order to multiple locations blind or with your branding.

We have clients come to us with artwork in all stages from ready to print to just ideas.
We can design your idea or pair you with an Illustrator/Letterer to help create the image you’re looking for.

“You have gone above and beyond our expectations! Thank you for being excellent from start to finish.”

– Kate Stokes   |   The Lab Depot

What We Do

Why We Do It

Honestly, we really enjoy what we do and it allows us to work with other artists/designers. For the last ten years, we’ve been screen printing on all kinds of things and worked with some great people along the way.

We listen to our partners needs first, then offer solutions we feel will result in the best possible outcome,
whether or not we do it in-house, offering a solution is fulfilling.

We tell people we like to educate our customers, but really we’re just excited to talk about what we do.
Sharing our enthusiasm for this craft with our partners never gets old.

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How We Started

We’ve been screen printing in Atlanta since the fall of 2004. We wanted extremely soft, high-quality screen printing that often fell outside of industry standards with regards to placement, size and technique.
We were unable to find printers willing to do the kind of work we were seeking. After giving it a go ourselves, we quickly learned why.
After a few years, with much trial and error, we were able to achieve the results we wanted. We continue to seek better results and are constantly looking for ways to elevate the craft of screen printing.

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Customized Job Tracking

We’ve found, good communication, from beginning to end, to be the primary reason a job goes smoothly. Ideally, we’d like to have anybody that has a hand in making your product know you personally. This isn’t always possible, so we designed a tool for our staff that will let them get the details of each job in our client’s own words.

Our custom database solution is called Yūgen. Every detail of any project we get is entered into Yūgen which disseminates it thoughout our facility in real time.

Nothing else in the industry comes close to the level of detail, flexibility, and precision it gives us. That’s why we created it.

It’s not something all of our customers care about since they never see it, but what happens to your artwork and project details is very important in the printing process. With this, we can give unparalleled attention to those details in the environment we create in.

What We Do

3D Grid Analysis

Nobody likes surprises when they open a box of prints. This is a simple but critical extra step we take beyond a digital proof to ensure you get what you expect when you order shirts from us. With the help of these two guys, we physically communicate the exact print location and size of your design.

Read more about it here 3D Grid Analysis

Press Casses

Live Event Printing

Several times a year we take t-shirt printing on the road to live events, festivals, and private parties. We travel all over the country. It’s a blast.
See how it works here danger.live

What We Do

Free Fridays

Every Friday we turn the screen printing shop over to our employees.
This is their time to print whatever they’re working on.
It’s our way of supporting their efforts as creatives and putting our money where our mouth is when we say we support the arts community in Atlanta.

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Every year we have a few slots available for interns.
Everyone who works under our roof started as an intern, including the owners.

We like people with some knowledge of printmaking, although that’s not required.
What’s really important is a good attitude, a willingness to learn, an ability to work well with others, and a general aptitude for problem solving.