Why Soft Matters to Your Brand

Focusing on product fundamentals

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Why Soft Matters to Your Brand

When you’re designing a product, in screen printing or otherwise, king before all else is the experience of the end user of that product. This is easy to lose sight of when you necessarily need to consider other factors like price or availability. Design trends can also be a distraction from user experience. Focus on the fundamentals of your product first; then you can get fancy.

Always try to keep in mind that how an individual personally experiences your brand will be the largest factor in determining how it’s perceived in the marketplace (and if it grows).

A garment is mostly experienced by how it wears on someone’s body. There are other concerns, of course, like “Does it keep me warm?”, “Do I look appealing in it?”, “Will I get arrested for public indecency?” A shirt, however, is primarily worn for its comfort, and nothing is as comfortable as Soft.

With this in mind, you should – Capitalize on the primary motivation of the user or buyer before other concerns.

Simply put: If a product is worn because it’s comfortable, you want to make it as comfortable (and soft) as possible.