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Friends don't let friends use hyperbole

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People know hyperbole (pronounced hi-Per-bow-lee), “Hype” for short, when they hear it. Marketing and promoting your work is great but there’s a line you don’t want to cross.

Ever wonder if marketing people read the stuff they come up with? If a clothing line is new and nobody has heard of it, they’re referred to as “fresh” or “hot” instead of “naive“ or “have no idea what they are getting themselves into”, which is usually more accurate. It’s a company, not a bagel. If it’s an older line, they are often called “established” or “experienced in the game”. Again, it’s a company you’re describing here, not a hooker and her corner. Instead, how about something like “Decent designs by people that aren’t condescending to your intelligence” or “Clothing you can wear without being told to by a taste maker or without first consulting your favorite movie star/musician.”

If you’re promoting your goods with an exclamation point, you’ve probably crossed the line into Hype! territory.